Your Garage: Clean Angles and Property Aesthetics

Why invest in better garage doors and accessories?

One reason is that these exterior parts of your property can really make your home or investment property look better and increase its curb appeal, to have an effect on its overall value and the value that you get out of living in it. 

Many homes have garages that face the street (for example, in municipal “village overlay” developments) and even if yours is in the back, chances are it’s visible from the exterior of the property. So putting some money into a nicer-looking garage door can have quite an impact. Here are some great tips to up your garage game. 

Choosing Hardware

Have you considered how much better your garage would look with just some basic additional hardware? There’s a lot of neat new stuff available today that can make your garage look much more impressive. 

One example is super-sized long hinges, handles, and ornamental corner designs made out of CNC plasma-cut metal and powder-coated to perfection, for a great look and to withstand the weather. 

These types of hardware provide elegant line contours and silhouetted shapes that can really draw the eye toward this part of a property. With the right technique and placement, these types of hardware can make your property look more sophisticated and elegant, no matter where it’s located or what the surroundings look like. 


Some of the best garage doors have neatly inlaid panels or ridging, or engraved shapes that, again, create a geometry that draws the eye toward the garage area and makes this part of the property look like high-end real estate. 

It’s hard to describe this visual process, except to say that these neat framing panels can complement things like tutor façade design and elegant stone archways and other embellishments that take a property from standard or mediocre to stunning. Developers are using these tips and tricks to make their newly built homes look incredible. You can do it, too!

Trim and Framing

You also have a choice in how you set off your garage door with trim and exterior framing. This is another area where just a few dollars can have an impressive visual effect. Check out our gallery for some ideas that can provide the right garage make-overs.  

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