Frequently Asked Questions

We believe in cost transparency and if you find a lower price with another service provider we will match it! Whether you are in the middle of a home renovation or you have an emergency need, you will never be overcharged for our services or products.

Our FAQs

What type of door is right from my home?

We know that making a decision about which type of garage door will best suit your needs can be complicated, which is why we have several different resources to help you make the right choice.  We offer a tool, the Design-A-Door, which can help you visualize what the different doors we offer will look like on your home.  Simply upload a photo of your home and browse through the many different variations to find exactly the right style for you.

What is the price range of your doors?

Our new doors range in price from $499 to $1700.  Specialty door pricing is available upon request.

Can you install wireless enabled products that connect to my smartphone?

We offer a variety of different accessories for your door that are wireless and allow you to open and close your garage door from any smartphone or tablet.

Are your garage doors energy efficient/insulated?

We have energy efficient and insulation doors available, just give us a call today for pricing.

Can I install the garage door myself?

Installing a garage door is a job for a trained professional.  There is a serious risk of personal injury for anyone who is not fully trained on how to install a door safely and correctly, which is why we are here for you to get the job done right.

Will the door come with a warranty?

Yes!  All of our doors (and their parts) come with a 7 year warranty and a 3 year warranty of labor.  If anything goes wrong in that time we will correct the problem at no additional cost to you.

What is the difference between torsion and extension springs?  Which is better?

Torsion springs sit above the door and the spring winds to create tension, and extension springs run horizontally along the door tracks and stretch out as the door closes to create tension.

We prefer torsion springs because they consistently raise the door to the perfect level over time.  In addition, there are fewer moving parts which means less potential for something going wrong.

We have emergency hours 24/7 and ready to serve you day or night!