What To Do If Your Garage Door Is Uneven

Just like any other part of your home, your garage door needs to be checked regularly to ensure it’s working properly and all the necessary safety mechanisms are in place. One issue that’s of particular concern to many homeowners is a lopsided door that looks like it could fall on someone (or their car) at any given moment. We highly recommend against living in such fear and speaking with one of our garage door experts at Nabors Garage Doors to get it fixed. In the meantime, keep reading to learn why this happens and how we’ll fix it.

Why Is This A Problem?

There are any number of things that could be causing a door to become misaligned or lopsided. Maybe someone ran into it with a car at some point, extreme weather conditions could have knocked it off its tracks, or maybe it’s just getting old. When this does happen, however, the door may be difficult or impossible to open and close, it may rub up against the molding which could further damage your door and home. Not only this, but a misaligned garage door could actually fall off its tracks and injure someone or damage your car. If it’s stuck in one position, it could leave you vulnerable to burglars.  

What You Can Do

All hope is not lost if your garage door becomes misaligned. Although an uneven garage door isn’t necessarily an emergency, you should still take action as soon as possible. Here are several things you can try before calling your local garage door specialists.

Inspect The Garage Door

Before trying any fixes, you should fully inspect the garage door. It may be immediately obvious what the issue is. Maybe the door itself is damaged, rotting, or getting old. Or maybe it’s fallen off the tracks. Carriage style garage doors work using hinges, so you could check them to ensure everything is working correctly. You can also check the springs. The springs are a crucial part of any garage door, so if they’re worn out our broken, your garage door may become tilted.

Check The Vertical Track

If the vertical track on your garage door isn’t straight, you can try loosening the lag screw and straightening it by either using a level for a more accurate measurement or simply using your best judgment. Once it’s level, ensure the screw is tight before trying your garage door again.

Contact Your Local Garage Door Experts

Nabors Garage Doors is your Top Rated Local® garage door company in Woodstock and the surrounding areas. If you’re experiencing any issues at all with a misaligned, crooked, or lopsided garage door, it’s best to consult the experts. Although it may not be affecting how your garage door moves, it could eventually start to damage your home or the door itself if the issue is not fixed. If you’re ready for garage door repairs, give us a call today for same-day service.