Preventing Theft In Your Alpharetta Home

If you’re a homeowner in Alpharetta, Georgia, chances are you’ve thought about what more you can do to prevent theft. There’s a lot to take into consideration such as having a security system installed, repairing your windows, and ensuring that all your doors lock properly when you leave the home. However, another aspect of your home’s security that you may not have thought of is your garage door.

Although garage doors play a major role in maintaining your home’s curb appeal, they’re also important for your home’s overall security. Each time you come home, you probably put your car in your garage and shut the garage door behind you. But without a reliable garage door, your car and other belongings in your garage door may not be secure. Keep reading to learn more about home security in Alpharetta.

Garage Door Security

There’s a reason garage theft is so common in the United States: many of your most valuable belongings are stored in your garage, and often times, homeowners don’t take all the steps necessary to secure their garage properly. But garage security isn’t limited to securing your windows and making sure your doors lock, your garage door may have security issues that leave your home open to burglaries. Below are some of the garage door issues that may pose security threats to your home:

Broken springs or rollers

Broken springs and rollers are very common issues with garage doors. Your springs are responsible for maintaining the weight of the garage door, allowing the garage door motor to lift the door with ease and rollers allow the garage door to move without obstruction. If either of these functions are broken, you may find yourself locked in or out of your garage. Contact a reputable garage door contractor to have springs or rollers replaced.

Off track

If your garage door is off its tracks, it may be stuck in a single position and won’t move up or down. This can pose serious issues for your home’s security because thieves will see this as a perfect opportunity to enter your garage and steal things. Many homeowners will leave this issue unfixed, fearing that it will cost too much to repair. However, your local garage door contractors at Nabors Garage Doors will offer you the lowest prices in the industry. If you find anything cheaper, we will match that!

Physical damage

If your garage door has physical damage to the door itself, this could not only lead to further damage, but it also poses a security risk. Nabors would be glad to fix this issue for you either with simple garage door repairs or a complete replacement if that’s what you choose.

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