How To Prevent Drafty Garages

Garage doors may seem like a fairly simple thing at first glance. You have the door itself, the opener, the springs, cables, and the track. However, have you taken into consideration things like the durability, insulation, weatherstripping, and all the various safety features involved in making a garage door? There’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. In this blog, we’re going to take a look at just one of these aspects: weatherstripping. Obviously, judging from its name, weatherstripping helps prevent the inside of the garage from the weather outside the garage, but that’s not all it does.

Bottom Seal

The bottom seal is installed along the [you guessed it] bottom of the garage. This weatherstripping is typically made from materials like heavy-duty rubber and they need to be tough in order to withstand the weight of the garage door constantly resting on it. They also need to be flexible so that they can conform to the edge of the garage flooring. It’s supposed to completely seal off the bottom of the garage door so that no drafts or bugs can sneak in.

Threshold Seal

A threshold seal is designed to fight larger insects and save more energy. This type of seal adds a tall barrier to the floor and are fastened to the floor with liquid nails and caulk. This results in a barricade against snow, dirt, water, and pests.


Traditional garage door weatherstripping is what protects the entire perimeter of your door. Vinyl weatherstripping, when placed along the sides and top of the garage door, prevents moisture and air from making its way into the garage. No more walking into a freezing cold garage door.

Brush Seal

Brush seals are made of long bristles that will move along uneven surfaces. The brush will also prevent air movement, oftentimes even more than a standard rubber or vinyl seal. This is a flexible option and will also prevent dust and other debris from entering the garage.

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